Welcome! We are a team of 4 senior biomedical engineering majors attending The College of New Jersey. Our senior project is IVenture, and we shall be documenting our design, fabrication, verification, and validation process throughout the semester on the website.

The developed IVenture product!

The video above showcases the IVenture product in motion!


Current-day intravenous (IV) poles are bulky, top-heavy, and difficult for patients to move and navigate. This becomes a deterrent for patients to go on therapy walks, which could negatively impact their health and recovery time.


IVenture aims to make a motorized IV pole that will be easier for the patient to utilize and navigate. The pole will feel “frictionless”, and the user will have to use less than 50% of the force needed to push a regular IV pole.

Through this, IVenture aims to enhance patient mobility and independence while still being compatible with current-day infusion equipment.


IVenture team wins first place in the Northeast Bioengineering Conference (NEBEC)!


IVenture team presents for the special session for the Celebration of Student Achievement (COSA) hosted by TCNJ.

The Conrad Johnson Award

The IVenture team won the Conrad Johnson award, which is given to graduating seniors with outstanding craftmenship on their senior project