Update 11/12

As of today, the basic schematics for the sensors are completed with the end designs being finalized.  The casing unit is designed in Solid Works, some dimensions are still in flux due to the still varying electrical designs on the inside.

Additionally, the arduino code for the temperature sensor is written and functions.  We now have access to a virtual breadboard and arduino simulator allowing us to advance with the project without having access to the physical board just yet.

Update 10/16/15

All of the requirements and specifications have been completed and finalized.  The design team has met multiple times over the past two weeks to begin an initial design of both the physical device and the software components involved in the project.  An initial budget has also been constructed.   The goal is to have a full design completed by October 28th, 2015.

First Post!

Hello World! This is the main website for information on the Portable Vital Signs Monitoring Senior Project by Emily Atzert, Jordan Kayal, James Gilligan, and Christopher MacTaggart.

Our goal is to create a portable and durable medical device that will measure vital signs that a person will have taken during an average check up.  The target audience we are directing this device toward is the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa).  These are countries with limited trained medical personnel or medical equipment, but with economies that are on the rise.

As of Wednesday, September 16th our team has presented its initial requirements and specifications.  We are still researching and improving the current list we have and hope you check back for updates on the progress of our project!