About Me

Garrett Hope (ECE) hopeg1@tcnj.edu

I am the current robotics club president (Spring 2018 – Fall 2019) and conduct research in the field of robotics and algorithm development. As the sole group member of this project, I am responsible for all design aspects: Software Development, Project Management, and Documentation.

Software Development

The code for this project is primarily written in Python 2.7 to maintain continuity between the Kinect and the NAO robot. All source control is maintained in a private GitHub repository for the duration of the project. The SDKs provided by Microsoft and Aldebaran are used to interface directly with each of their respective devices.

Project Management

Project management makes up the scheduling, budgeting, and presentation portions of this project. The budget consists of two main components: the Kinect and its power supply. As a solo project, the other two responsibilities in this category require heavy attention. A strict weekly schedule is being followed to ensure consistent progress is made throughout the academic year, and presentations are reviewed with the project adviser to ensure all details are discussed clearly.


A journal is being kept with any important changes progress made on the project. Along with this journal a paper is being written describing the technical specifications and methodologies of the project in great detail. Code documentation also falls under this category, as the code should be properly commented to ensure others can understand the functionality behind the system.