Smart Cushion: A Device to Reduce the Risk of Pressure Ulcers


Smart Cushion: A Device to Reduce the Risk of Pressure Ulcer Formation

Pressure ulcers currently impose a significant, financial burden on the US health-care system and reduce the quality of life of bedridden and wheelchair bound individuals. The aim for this project is to provide an innovation including an active feedback-system that monitors and adjusts interface pressure and temperature for the reduction of pressure ulcer risk formation. The innovation being implemented into the design will allow for autonomous control via continuous evaluation and storage of data.

Focus of the Design

  • Uses an array of 15 pressure and 8 temperature sensors in the region of maximum pressure
  • The sensor data will be fed into two algorithms that will assess regions of risk, and determine the appropriate device response.
  • Pending the results of assessment, the device will either wait and remeasure the next set of readings due to results not in the danger zone, or the device will initiate the actuators to ensure appropriate adjustments to move the user out of the risk zone.