Teleoperation of Humanoid Robot via Exoskeleton Control Scheme

Project Summary

The goal of this project is to create a teleoperatic system that allows a person to control a humanoid Nao robot via an exoskeleton.  The movement of the person will be tracked with the exoskeleton which uses potentiometers and a microcontroller in order to translate the user’s movement into usable data. This data is then sent via a serial connection to an intermediate Python layer. This layer then transfers this data and sends it to the Nao robot. The robot will then convert the data into motions and move accordingly.

Project Deliverables/Requirements


Latency between input and output are to be no more than 250 ms

Open Source

Lower cost components compared to contemporary systems

Natural and Intuitive Controls


Exoskeleton with potentiometers and PCB

Embedded system located on PCB

Python Intermediary Layer

Embedded System Code

GitHub Repository