NEBEC Results

Hey Everyone!

Here is the team in front of their poster at NEBEC

Unfortunately, we were not able to claim an award when we presented at NEBEC. However we received a lot of great feedback on our device! We are going to keep working in order to ensure that the AMP Device is the best that it can be.

The device itself is coming along really well. It should be completed soon and then final testing on the device can be done.

The AMP Device Team

Preparing for NEBEC

Hey everyone!

The team is well on our way to making a completed prototype!

Currently, we are running verification tests in order to get data that we can use when we go to NEBEC, which is a regional design competition.  We hope to be able to present data for both the heating and vibrational components of our prototype at NEBEC.

To that end the vibration packs are done! Just the verification testing to ensure that they work as they are supposed to.

We hope that everyone stayed warm during this wild and snowy spring that we are having!

The Wide World of Parts

Большое привет, все!

That is the parts that were ordered saying “Hello everyone!” in Cyrillic. The reason that our ordered parts are speaking in Cyrillic is because they were ordered from Russia!

The parts to assemble the device are currently coming in from around the world. As the parts come in we are starting testing to determine the effective working parameters of the parts so that we know when they are incorporated into the device they well do what they are supposed to.

We hope that everyone is enjoying their Winter Break!

The Blog Is Up!

Hey Everyone!

Here is our blog where we will keep you all updated with the progress on the AMP Device!

Currently the team is working on finalizing a design to determine what the device is going to look like. We are also working to determine the best way to provide heat and vibration.

We have heard a lot of interest in our device from many different people and so we are working hard in order to bring the device to life!