The Quality Policy


The Quality Policy for A-WIT is pragmatic. It reflects our philosophy that quality is more than a noble endeavor. The approach to quality at A-WIT is sustainable because of the significant sales, development, and manufacturing benefits it provides. These can be summarized as follows:

  1. Customers Require Quality
  2. If A-WIT does not deliver the highest quality products, customers will seek other companies who do.
  3. Customers define quality. A-WIT listens to customer inputs on how to improve what we do. Customer inputs ultimately define what they expect to buy.
  4. Quality Improves Profitability
  5. High quality is attained by paying attention to details. When a quality problem exists, find the root cause and fix it.
  6. Do not accept the current quality level as the status quo. Quality improvements must continuously occur to keep pace with market demands for lower costs.



The Quality Objective for A-WIT can be summarized as follows:

  1. We shall be genuine with our customers and each other in all we say and do.
  2. We shall strive for first pass success.
  3. We shall utilize integrative project management and best design-to-cost practices.
  4. We shall design in quality rather than improve it through trial and error.
  5. We shall deliver superior expertise without charging a premium for it.


The Abstract

The ISO 9000 certification is a highly coveted quality registration. The criteria include a worldwide based collection of guidelines for quality assurance and quality management. The overarching goal of this project is to obtain the ISO 9000 quality management and quality assurance certification for A-WIT Technologies, a premier electronics design and
development company that provides customers with a full set of services for their product development needs. Starting with top management’s commitment, I am working on training personnel, preparing a quality policy manual, preparing the operating procedures, holding an internal audit, selecting a registrar and going through the registration process. I am doing this by designing instruments for assessment, along with designing quality improvement processes for A-WIT Technologies. Results already
achieved include effective training systems and guides, along with a detailed definition of a Quality Policy. Future results include: A complete integration of the ISO 9000 standards into A-WIT Technologies processes, along with the actual ISO 9000 certification.