Monthly Archives: April 2016

Construction Cost Estimate

The construction cost of the project involves preliminary site layout, demolition and earthwork. Dakota Tipis Habitat for Humanity will foresee the construction process. The Tribal Housing Authority at Crow Creek South Dakota will provide the funding for the project.   Before construction, the site need to be thoroughly survey. All underground utilities need to be marked. The location and dimension of the basin need to be layout. Trees and potential obstruction objects are to be removed from the basin area. Excavation is the main construction task in the project. The construction period should avoid rain reason in order to minimize any potential complication during construction. The construction of the riser box from the bottom of the basin require proper forming and concrete pouring. Rip rap should be placed at the top of the embankment in order to prevent erosion from overtopping. After construction, vegetation need to be rehabilitated in order to enhance the aesthetic value of the project. The construction cost was estimated to be $834,480.