Project Summary

The Crow Creek Retention Basin project is designed to prevent future flooding in the region by temporarily storing the excess runoff in the basin then releasing the runoff into an appropriate facility. Hydrologic simulation of the watershed for a one hundred year return period created using HEC-HMS 4.1 estimated a maximum peak flow of 526 CFS and a volume of 76 AF. The basin design, modeled using VTPHUSM, was expected to attenuate up fifty percent of the peak flow before releasing the runoff into an existing culvert through a three-step rectangular weir structure. The basin was also designed to generate recreational value to the community by providing a sustainable habitat for fish and wildlife in the region. The basin design thus included a retention basin with a 15 ft. deep, 29 AF permanent pool, a 10 ft. deep, 50 AF control pool and an outlet structure. The engineering cost for the project was $47,234 and the construction cost was estimated to be approximately $834,480.