Burmister Classification of the Soil Samples

According to the Burmister classification system, soil is classified based on its grain size distribution for granular soil and plasticity index for cohesive soil. Figure-1 showed the results of the Atterberg limits test from the laboratory. The plasticity index of the soil was calculated using the liquid limit and plastic limit values.

Boring Location Elevation Liquid Limit % Plastic Limit % Plasticity Index
#1 0′-6′ 61.8 22.67 39
6′ – 8′ 81.7 29.81 52
#2 0′-6′ 54.8 23.14 32
6′-8′ 45.2 18.4 27

Based on the plasticity index from Figure-1, the cohesive soil was classified as Black Silty CLAY and the granular soil was classified as Yellow SAND trace Gravel.