Transportation Designs

The roundabout design proposed to replace the current traffic signal at the intersection of Gedney Road, Texas Avenue, and Princeton Pike was modeled using a series of design software’s as well as roadway design standards. After modeling the design using Synchro and AutoCAD, with actual traffic data obtained from site visit observations as well as accounting for industry design standards. An example of one of the new intersections is below:

New Bridge Design

The new bridge design was developed in HEC-RAS by optimizing the area of flow beneath the bridge to alleviate overtopping, while considering realistic constraints such as  roadway line of site and encroachment onto private property. The design standard used was to lower the energy grade line beneath the top chord of the bridge.

The new bridge was designed to have a 65 ft span length.  The top chord of the bridge will be at an elevation of 15.1 ft, an increase in 3 ft. The bottom chord will be at an elevation of 12.1 ft. The channel width will be expanded 7.5 ft  on each side to coincide with the new span length. The left and right banks will be expanded by 10 ft in either direction and will now be located at station 200 and 239, respectively

Synchro Model

The team used modern technology to model our corridor on Synchro plus Sim traffic 10. This model will be used to simulate traffic through user input volumes, light times, and other observed factors. Using this program will allow the team to finalize the final design

Synchro Modeling

The team began to model our site on Trafficware Synchro. Using the previously downloaded .SID files and user input traffic data, the plans came into Synchro to scale which will allow us to modify all intersections and record the outcomes of each change.

Watershed area

The area of the watershed for Shabakunk Creek was calculated from a delineation point at Bridge No. 541.2 using Streamstats PA. The watershed area is 11.7 square miles. It has an average basin slope of 2.09% . A curve number of 79 was calculated from WebSoilSurvey.