The group worked on aligning the intersection in Synchro as close to the actual roadway as possible. This was done by adding and image of the roadway to scale in the background and aligning the road. Then the intersections were optimized to have the signals working in a unified cycle. This will then be compared to the timed intersections before it was optimized.

Cross Sections

The team designed what the cross sections would look like for each intersection after the implementation of the road diet. Also, the cross sections were designed for the midpoints between the intersections. Then the stationing obtained from the plan and profile were added.


The team got together to work on the final poster for the project. The data that was crucial to the project was added since there was only a limited amount of space supplied. An overview of the problem was added, the motivation, and graphical information.

Auto-CAD Redesign and Synchro

The five intersections were redrawn using Auto-CAD, illustrating the four-to-three lane road diet that was chosen as our final design.  Bike lanes were added onto Parkway Avenue, in both directions, allowing bicyclists to travel along the road safely.  The volumes that were obtained were inputted into Synchro, to simulate the traffic conditions of the roadway.

Probe Vehicle Test

A probe vehicle test was done on the stretch of road in the project scope in order to collect data in real-time. This was done using the device supplied by Dr. Brennan, which utilizes global positioning system to track the position of the vehicle and collect travel time data. Once the data is collected, it is already in an electronic format. This assists in the processing of raw travel time data into a useful format for analysis.

Digital Elevation Map

The team worked on AutoCAD 3D to obtain the contour map region of interest, this digital elevation map was retrieved from the website. Then the road maps of New Jersey was added in order to better determine our specific stretch of road. This is all being done to gain a plan and profile view of the road and intersections.

Met with Mercer County DOT

Met with Mr. Lawson and Mr. Fallat to discuss refining the project scope.  Along with implementing a road diet on parkway, we will be implementing a road diet on Olden Ave.  We were given permission by the DOT to remove the concrete dividers located on the Olden ave intersection.

Meeting with Dr. Brennan

Team met on the morning of November 3rd to discuss constraints and alternative designs for the project. Came to decision that N.Olden intersection was main focus of alternative design. Came up with 2 intersection designs in addition to several alternative design options to implement along the Parkway ave road diet. Following the meeting, team met in the computer lab to begin putting alternative designs together.

Team met with Mercer DOT

Team met with Mercer County DOT  with Engineer George Fallat and Supervisor Matthew Lawson on October 30th to discuss progress on road diet. The DOT would like the focus of the diet to be on the North Olden and Parkway intersection. North Olden will also be dieted. The project scope is very similar to original request from the DOT, minor changes in overall project.